Multiply Your Game Revenues with Multiplayer & Cash Play features

PlayZapp is the platform of choice to quickly & effectively add Mulitplayer & Cash Play functionality to your game


Increase retention & engagement by letting your player’s play against friends in real time.

Cash Play

Create a new revenue stream for the game by letting your users play real cash games & tournaments.


Create a new revenue stream for the game by letting your users play real cash games & tournaments.


Encourage competition between players by showing daily, weekly & all time leaderboards.

Friends & Groups

Increase virality and user retention with the help of interaction through player made groups.

Quests & Rewards

Plugin quests and rewards easily and increase user retention, engagement and eventually monetize better.

More users sticking to the game and playing it more often means better monetization!

It is proven that enabling games with the multiplayer feature doubles increases your games user retention and engagement and dramatically increases Monetization. PlayZapp takes multiplayer experience to the next level with Real Time Knock Out Tournaments, Quests & Rewards.

Enable new revenue streams by allowing users to play games and tournaments with real prize money!

New strategies to monetize means more money from your users!

PlayZapp provides new ways to make money from player's by reselling multiplayer & tournament tickets. Players need tickets to play multiplayer games or tournaments. Developers can sell these in games, either for virtual currency or for real cash through in-app purchases (IAPs).

Active and engaged users help developers better monetize games.

Developers have the option to acquire high quality users who are highly active and engaged on PlayZapp games for a reasonable cost through our unique native cross promotion model (NCPM).

Choose to cross promote other PlayZapp games and earn valuable Cross Promotion Credits that can be monetized.

We associate users with the game that introduced PlayZapp to them. Developers of the associated game can earn Cross Promotion Credits through PlayZapp's native cross promotion model (NCPM) if they are willing to enable cross promotion. The Cross Promotion feature can always be turned off if developers don't want the credits!

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